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of them, I did not set out until t●he day was well advanced.Beyond the● village stretched the broad, white ●route, endless and deserted.The lon▓g journey before me would have been▓ less lonely in 30the company of the miners; b▓ut we had parted and I plodded on in solitud▓e, wondering when I should ag▓ain fall in with so cheery a pair. In pas▓sing a clump of trees at the roadside, I was● suddenly roused from my revery by a shou▓t of “Holà! L’américain!” What could h●ave betrayed my nationality I halted and sta▓red about me.My eyes fell on ●the grove and I beheld my companions of the d●ay before hastily gathering the▓ir possessions together. We ●journeyed along as before, p▓roducing our papers at each vil●lage and being once stopped in the open co▓untry by a mounted gendarme.T▓he miners played in poor luck all t●hrough the morning.A single sou ▓and an aged quarter-loaf constituted the●ir gleanings.Gaunt hunger was depic●ted on their countenances before we reach▓ed Briare in th

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